New Balance HIIT shoes – one of the best?

While there are specific shoes designed for specific activities, sometimes it’s best to have a shoe that covers all your bases.  Most active individuals need a cross trainer shoe that will allow them to do a multitude of exercises and workout styles.  With a great cross training shoe, the user only needs a single shoe for virtually any activity, saving you money and headache.  The highly recommended and well reviewed New Balance Women’s WX813GR3 is such a shoe, that can be used for anything, but is designed specifically for comfort and support while doing exercises on cardio machines.  It also works as a great all around workout and day to day shoe.

This is a synthetic lightweight shoe designed for support and maximum comfort.  There is a cushioned flexible outsole, as well as multi density removable inserts for custom support.  Users report these shoes being perfect for various activities such as cardio machines, kick boxing, weight lifting, jogging, walking, all day office shoe, and high intensity interval training.  Even though users do report running outside in the shoe, you’ll notice by the flat, simple tread that the shoe was intended for indoor use on flat stable surfaces.

New Balance Women’s WX813GR3 review

In comparison to other trainers, this shoe gives up breathability for arch and heel support.  It’s made from sturdier materials and contains less mesh.  However, there is a mesh breathable section over the toes, allowing for some airflow.  Most users do not report breathability being an issue.  With the added support materials and cushioning, these shoes come off as a little bulky looking.  Nevertheless, they are still extremely lightweight with a three pound shipped weight which is amazingly similar to lighter looking mesh trainers with less support.

Sizing for this shoe will be hit and miss and very user dependent.  The general consensus is that the shoe fits true to size, however there are equal comments of shoes running large or small.  Be sure to look into New Balance sizing chart and it would also benefit a potential purchaser to get into a shoe store and try some New Balance sizes on to save the hassle of return shipping.

The price point of these shoes is very reasonable.  The price varies between $30 and $85 depending on availability.  Most sizes will be anywhere around $60.  The shoes are durable and decently long lasting.  Many users report buying several pairs of these shoes because they love them so much.  With any luck, New Balance won’t change the shoe formula.

The shoe is definitely great for exercise, but you can use it for more than that.  The fun simplistic color ways make the shoe a great candidate for casual wear as well.  The main things to take away about this particular shoe is that it’s lightweight, versatile, supportive, stable, affordable, and stylish.  There are very few downsides to the shoe but they are mainly bulk, lack of tread, and breathability.  Keep in mind the bulk look does not take away from the weight of the shoe.