HIIT Workout versus Insanity

Nearly everyone in the fitness community has heard of Insanity by Beachbody and Shaun T, from the same company that brought the world P90X. Insanity is a two month at home bodyweight workout program performed six days a week from anywhere from thirty to sixty minute workout sessions. The Insanity program promises insane results and customers are drawn by the extreme transformation photos. Although you can go at your own pace, Insanity is not designed for beginners or seniors. You have to be in pretty good shape to start Inanity and if you push yourself, the program (along with an excellent nutritional regiment) will take you from pretty good shape, to phenomenal ripped shredded athletic shape.

Insanity is a HIIT program, implementing high and low intensity intervals. Now you want to do HIIT, so the question is, should you do Insanity, or implement your own traditional HIIT workout? If your goal is weight and fat loss, it would make more sense to do the Insanity program by itself versus designing your own HIIT workouts. It’s a lot easier and more sustainable to simply turn on your TV and do the workouts with the trainers than to think of and stick with your own program. The great thing about Insanity is that is is a fully designed program with goals from week to week. The workouts are constantly changing and periodizing as your progress. To the get the most out of Insanity, it’s important that you follow the program day to day week to week for two months as presented.


Difference between insanity and HIIT

If you are a serious weight lifter, looking to gain mass, strength, and size, do not attempt to do Insanity along with your weight training regiment. Insanity is leaps and bounds more taxing than traditional HIIT workouts performed outside or in the gym. Unless you are an elite athlete, Insanity will more than likely hinder your strength and size goals more than it will help. The primary goal of Insanity is fat loss, so while you will get stronger and more defined, the program is not designed for muscle size and gain. That being said, the Insanity program will put strain on tendons and joints which will make it difficult to progress and recover from your weight training sessions.

Theoretically, an individual with strength and size goals could do Insanity, along with a weight training program. If you are going to attempt this, make sure you up your caloric intake and lower your weight training volume and intensity. It would also be recommended to cut back and shorten your weight training sessions. Ideally, you would spend three to four days a week hitting the weights for forty-five to sixty minutes, and do the Insanity workouts after the weight training session. You should also then have at two days that you take completely off from strenuous physical activity in order to ensure recovery. Doing both Insanity and weight training is absolutely not recommended, but it’s also not impossible if you are smart about it.