Best Adidas Hiit Shoes for Men

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right shoe when it comes to working out.  Most people do fine with standard running shoes but you do more than run.  You train.  If you’re incorporating weight lifting, cross or high intensity training, you need shoes that will keep your feet strong and healthy.  You also need a decent pair of shoes that will last and are able to withstand the workouts that you’re putting them through.

adidas adipure trainer review

It’s also recommended that you stick with a reputable brand, especially when it comes to training.  If you’re pounding through workouts, with maybe a little running, look into adidas Performance Adipure 360.2.  This is a lightweight, flexible, multipurpose shoe that will keep you stable and comfortable throughout any type of workout.  These are great for crossfit, bootcamps, and other high intensity workouts.  You’ll be able to run comfortably in them as well.



The Adipure’s fit true to size, keep in mind adidas run slightly wide in comparison to Nike.  Also, you may want to get a slightly bigger size so you have slight wriggle room.  They are mostly made of mesh which allows your feet to breathe.  If you’ve trained in leather or closed material shoes, you’ll know how uncomfortable and hot it is with anything but mesh.  Breathable shoes will also air out better which will help keep the sweaty smell away.  Not only that, but there is a less chance for callouses and blisters when the foot is dry and comfortable.

This particular pair has a certain amount of elasticity around the ankle.  This gives it a nice support but also makes putting on and taking off the shoe a breeze.  This feature makes the shoe particularly comfortable.  Overall, the shoes are decently flexible and do not require a long amount of time to break in.  You can take them out of the box and crush your most intense workout.

The pricing of the Adipure’s is very reasonable, ranging from around $60-$90.  This is an amazingly affordable price considering the fact that they’re from a great brand like adidas.   It helps that they are also long lasting and durable, making it a safe and smart investment.



There can be a slight downside depending on the shape of your foot.  This shoe does unfortunately lack in arch support, which is by design to fit an active lifestyle.  You may want to consider other options if you have high arches.  As stated earlier, the shoes are very light and designed for comfort and breathability when working out.  Because of the thin material on the sides, it may be uncomfortable when performing lateral movements, which we believe can be over looked because it would only be applicable in specific circumstances.



The great thing about the Adidas adipure cross training shoe is that they can clearly be used for more than the gym.  They would make a great every day, running around shoe.  These shoes are of simple design, with lots of fun colors and patterns.  They look great, and can easily be matched with any casual, relaxed, or gym outfit.  Some styles and colors would also look great with a pair of skinny jeans!