Asics Gel Fortius Review – Best HIIT Shoe for Women

One of the best hiit shoes for women out there for the slightly more serious fitness enthusiast is the Asics Women’s Gel Fortius TR Cross-Training shoe.  This particular shoe is mainly designed and intended for high intensity workouts.  It is a very low profile, extremely light trainer.  The reason it may be a better fit for the more serious individual, is that with a slightly flatter sole and less support, it can also be used as a heavy olympic style weight lifting shoe.  The bottom line however, is that no matter the fitness level or workout style, the Gel Fortius is a great shoe for anyone for many reasons.

Asics Gel Fortius Review - Best HIIT shoe for women

As mentioned before, this shoe is extremely lightweight.  The shipped weight of these shoes is 1.6 pounds!  Most shoes will average at about 3 pounds.  The sole is made of rubber but the rest of the shoe is mostly made of mesh.  This allows for amazing breathability when working up a sweat.  Like other shoes, the breathability will limit blisters and callouses due to it’s moisture wicking capabilities.  However, being mostly made of mesh, the support system on these shoes is nothing fantastic.  They are designed more for maximum movement and not stabilization.  You should also note that being a thin mesh and rubber shoe, it is also extremely flexible, adding to the overall mobility.  This also makes it a great shoe for sprinting and other high intensity exercises.

This shoe is not recommended if you need arch or ankle support.  That being said, this shoe comes with a little pull tab on the heel, making them easy to pull on or off.  Asics states that these shoes are meant to fit tight, snug, and like a glove for a close to skin feel.  It is recommended that you order a half size up for better feel.

The Gel Fortius has great non marking traction.  This is meant for stabilization during sprints and also heavy lifts.  Asics is really going for an all around athletic shoe with the Gel Fortius.  Users report wearing the shoe for P90X, Olympic lifting, indoor cross training, various HIIT workouts, cardio machines, sprints, yoga, zumba, and pilates.

The price point for these shoes is awesome.  On Amazon, the price ranges from about $45-$90 but we found that most sizes will put you around $45 making them one of the higher quality and affordable shoes on the market today.

While a lot of trainers can be used as an all day shoe, the Gel Fortius is mainly meant for the gym.  Because of the lack of support and thin sole, it will not be a crazy comfortable shoe to walk around all day in.  It would probably be okay, but there are definitely better walking around shoes.  Save this for your intense gym workouts.

There are currently two colors available, pink with black, or lime green with yellow.  Both look great, but trendy in the gym doesn’t always translate to the street.  They aren’t the most stylish shoe to wear outside of the gym casually.